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   23.05.15 08:07
    Hello, thanks for readin

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Dont Fall Keep Flying

you have a dream make it come true open your mind cause this world is so big to understand keep flying and make your dream come true
22.5.15 03:21

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Leslie / Website (23.5.15 08:07)
Hello, thanks for reading my blog. I was really surprised getting your invitation. Hope you understand a little part of my german writting, of my text and understand my thinking in this kind too, kinda. From my part: I spend this weekend with Fleur, it rains a lot in our place the hole day long, but we are happy together and watching the silence between the thunders – raindrops are better then teardrops. There is freedon in our breath every time we are huging us and spending time together, and i love staying with her just as i loving her much more. From the bottom of my quiet heart there is just the knowing: she is my first and my real love!
And you? Hope you feel good? I am looking forward to see you soon on our „special place“ and in our „special world!“ Madrigal is waiting! I wish you the best and I wish you so much joy in your heart too.
With lovely greetings

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